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Terms and Condition / Reservation Agreement

Refund Policy:

If you cancel your booking 7 days prior to the scheduled service, we will gladly refund you reservation less the 25% deposit. However, if your cancellation is within 7 days of the service date, no money will be refunded, but we will be happy to reschedule you for a later date. Reservations impacted by airline delays and cancellations may qualify for a credit to be used when a replacement reservation is made. Failure to contact PINES LIMO SERVICES promptly at (954) 644-2597 with flight cancellation or delay information may be considered reservation abandonment and may result in forfeiture of the fare. All deposits are non-refundable. If events are canceled due to weather or any reasons, there will be no refund. However, we will allow you to reschedule based on availability at no additional charge and your deposit will be transferred to the new scheduled date. No exceptions. Any reservations reserved during COVID-19 quarantine will be nonrefundable, you may reschedule for a future date at no additional charge and based on availability.

Wait Time Charges for Point to Point Transfers:

The minimum wait time fee is $45. If you request additional stops, there will be an additional cost of $45 per every 15 minutes. Overtime is due at the time of the occurrence: You may present your debit/credit card to be charged or pay cash to the driver at that time. For flight and cruise ship arrivals, wait time charges begin 30 minutes after your flight arrival or scheduled pickup time at the port.

Flight or Cruise Line Delays & Wait time Charges:

Pines Limo Services is not responsible if your airline, cruise ship, or U.S. Customs delays you for any reason. Wait time starts when your airline arrives at the gate or at the time of your prearranged cruise ship pickup. In the event of Cruise or Airline cancellations for any reason, we will offer credit for future use as to match what the cruise and/or airlines offer. If given a full refund by the cruise or Airline will need to see the proper documents showing the credit given. Once we see that you have been credited by the cruise or Airline, we will offer a refund as well. No exceptions will be made without proof of refund.

Wait Time Charges for Hourly Rentals:

For all services booked on an hourly basis, overtime charges will begin on the 15th minute after the pre-arranged drop off time. This charge is not pro-rated: We charge for a full hour. No Exceptions will be made for any reason.

Point-to-Point Transfers and Hourly Rentals:

Deposits & Balances Due:

All deposits are nonrefundable. The remaining balance due 24 hours before the event. Please note, if paying by debit or credit card, an additional 2.75% will be added to the total amount of your bill for administration and credit card processing fees. The driver will ask you for the credit card used to make the reservation along with your photo I.D. when you are picked up. Flat cards that are unable to make an imprint are not accepted. Please make sure your credit card has raised numbers. Additionally, we do not accept checks or gift cards as a form of payment. No exceptions are made.

Reservation Changes:

NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE TO YOUR CONFIRMATION UNLESS IT IS PRE-APPROVED BY OUR OFFICE. Drivers CANNOT approve any changes to your reservation. All clients must contact Pines Limo Services directly at (954) 644-2597 to discuss any changes to your reservation. All change requests should be made in writing more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pickup date and are subject to approval by our company and availability.

Clean Up Fees:

There is a $300.00 charge for excessive cleanup, and/or sickness cleanup. Damages will be charged at the time of the occurrence. Additional charges are the responsibility of the client listed on the agreement.


No Smoking of any kind is permitted in our vehicles. No exceptions are allowed. A fee of $300 will be charged for each occurrence.

Rules and Regulations Stipulation:

Limo Services will require the client that hired the vehicle for service to sign a rules and regulations stipulation before the pickup date.

Event Parking:

Event Parking passes are not included in our rates.

Prom Rules:

The driver and vehicle must stay with the passengers of the prom at the venue celebration for the duration of the service. The driver is not permitted to leave or to take out parents or anyone else. The group must arrive together at one pickup location. The driver will only leave once the entire group is all aboard. No bags are allowed to be brought into the Limo for any reason unless the driver approves. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the vehicle for Prom rentals. The Limo will be stocked with bottled water and Ice. These rules are for the safety of the passengers and the driver. The driver will not make any unscheduled stops unless pre-arranged before leaving the original pickup location. Amenities in the vehicle are offered for free. If any failure of entertainment equipment occurs, the rate of service for transportation will not be adjusted. However, Management will look for a resolution if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Emergency hatch or windows:

If the emergency hatch or windows are opened and damages occur as a result of them being opened, the paying customer must pay a $1200.00 fee.

Lost & Found:

Pines Limo Services is not responsible for items left in the vehicle. If your item is found, you must make arrangements to pick up your item at our office by appointment only. The driver will not be able to return your item to you after the service is completed.

Unforeseen Situations:

Although unforeseen situations occur, the vehicle you choose may be substituted if unavailable for any reason. The replacement vehicle will always be similar or larger at no additional charge.

Car Seats / Boosters:

Additional charges for usage may apply per seat needed. The drivers are NOT allowed to install seats. It is the passenger’s responsibility to properly install car seats / booster. All car seats and boosters are sanitized after each use.

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